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Last Update : 2015/04/30

Question / Issue
I am getting the error message "license not found, error #17" when I try to run SAP 2000. How do I fix this?

Answer / Solution

Please try the following:

  • Connect to the Campus VPN service.
  • Delete the file "lservrc" located by default in C:\Program Files\Computers and Structures\SAP2000 14\. or version you have installed.
  • Manually set the license server environment variable:
    • Right click on Computer in the Start Menu and select Properties - Advanced System Settings -Environment Variables
    • Under the System variables section check to see if LSFORCEHOST exists (if so confirm its value matches the license server found under your order). If not, click New and set the name to LSFORCEHOST and the value to the license server found under your order.
    • Click OK to close all the windows.

 If this does not fix your problem please browse to here. Note the IP address displayed and then contact us with the date and time you did this and we can check our logs.

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