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20130401SAS Package 9.1.3 - Windows 2013 Renewal File - UIC ONLY

SAS Institute Inc.
Eligibility: WebStore Administrators.
20130401SAS Package 9.1.3 - Windows 2013 Renewal File - UIC ONLY
This is an annual subscription license that expires January 31, 2013. This free renewal file is only available to people that have purchased the SAS Package 9.1.3 from WebStore in the past year.
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SAS offers comprehensive solutions designed to address business challenges across key facets of your enterprise, software that targets and solves industry-specific problems, and an integrated suite of modular products designed to meet a range of focused information needs. For more information, visit:


This license expires on 1/31/2013.


To determine whether a computer is running a 32-bit version or 64-bit version of the Windows operating system visit:;en-us;827218

For information on how to update your site licensed copy of SAS visit:

Please contact the ACCC statistical consultant at if you have questions.

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Training and educational opportunities for this product can be found at

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