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Special Student Access to MATLAB and Simulink at the University of Illinois extended to September 30, 2020

​​The University of Illinois WebStore is pleased to offer a special license for MATLAB and Simulink through September 30, 2020.   All students, faculty and staff are eligible to download and install these products on their personally-owned computers or on university-issued computers.  In addition, you will have browser access using MATLAB Online and MATLAB Drive. 

  1. Go to the University of Illinois MATLAB Portal to see a list of available products and get started
  2. Click “Sign in to get started" under the Get MATLAB section
  3. You will be asked to create a MathWorks Account and you must user your University email account.  Once you do that, you will be linked to our MATLAB license and will be able to:
    • Download and activate software on your personal computer
    • Start using MATLAB Online from a web browser

This access will be extended through September 2021 but we have to process required paperwork to complete this contract.  You may receive notification this license expires September 30, 2020 until this purchase completes and we will provide official communication when this is in place.

Need help getting started?  Access free, self-paced training to learn MATLAB in less than 2 hours:  MATLAB Onramp.  ​