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Skype for Business Conferencing Training - External

Microsoft Corporation
Eligibility: external and Guests.
Skype for Business Conferencing Training - External
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This two hour workshop will demonstrate how easy it is to set up and attend an online meeting using Skype for Business. Meeting schedulers will learn how to escalate an instant message or phone conversation into an audio or video conference; schedule an online meeting in Outlook using default options; customize advanced meeting options for unique meeting requirements; how to create a recording of a meeting; and schedule a meeting on behalf of another. Different meeting roles (attendee versus presenter) will be discussed; and we will learn how to use a virtual waiting room known as a “lobby” for control over who attends a meeting. In addition, we’ll spend a few minutes looking at the new expanded meeting controls including the Share menu which gives you access to all presentable content in one place, such as Desktop, PowerPoint presentations, Poll, Whiteboard, and OneNote. We’ll look at the new meeting layouts for different types of meetings. We will learn about the Skype Web App which allows PC and Mac users to join a Skype Meeting from within a web browser while delivering a full Skype for Business meeting experience.


Prerequisite: Familiarity with Windows and the mouse
Instructor: Staff, FAST3
Course Length: 2 hours