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ANSYS Academic Mechanical Teaching Advanced License & Download (Expires 6/30/2018)

ANSYS Academic Mechanical Teaching Advanced License & Download (Expires 6/30/2018)

Eligibility: UIC Faculty, UIC Staff, UIC Students, UIS Faculty, UIS Staff, UIS Students, UIUC Faculty and Staff and UIUC Students.
ANSYS Academic Mechanical Teaching Advanced License & Download (Expires 6/30/2018)
This is an annual subscription license that expires June 30, 2018.
Total Price:$50.00 $25.00
Payment Type: Credit Card


The features included in this software are described in detail on the ANSYS Academic Product Features page.


ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced
ANSYS DesignSpace (separate task)
ANSYS DesignSpace capability 
ANSYS Mechanical capability
ANSYS Mechanical Emag capability 
ANSYS Mechanical CFD-Flo capability (fluid-structural)
ANSYS Multiphysics 
ANSYS CFX full capability solver 
ANSYS MFS solver (single-code coupling)
ANSYS MFX solver (fluid-structure interaction)
ANSYS user programmable features (USER300, etc.)
ANSYS Fluent 
ANSYS Fluent NOx 
ANSYS Fluent fiber module 
ANSYS Fluent MHD module 
ANSYS Fluent population balance module
ANSYS Autodyn (2-D and 3-D, explicit dynamics) 
ANSYS Autodyn PrepPost 
ANSYS Fluent Pre and Post
ANSYS ICEM CFD output interfaces for ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Fluent
ANSYS PrepPost (Includes Prep7, Post1) 
Geometry connections - interfaces/connections include:
    Geometry interface for Parasolid
    Geometry interface for SAT
    Geometry interface for Solidworks
    Geometry interface for CATIA V5 - Unidirectional reader
    Geometry interface for SolidEdge
    Geometry interface for One Space Designer
    Geometry interface for Inventor/MDT
    Geometry interface for NX
    Geometry interface for Pro/ENGINEER
    Direct CAD interface for SDRC I-DEAS (import into ANSYS ICEM CFD advanced meshing only)
ANSYS Workbench schematic (project page)
ANSYS DesignModeler 
Resources (engineering data)
ANSYS meshing application (ANSYS Workbench) 
ANSYS extended meshing (Including TGrid) 
Parameters (ANSYS DesignXplorer including VT and VT at the element level)
ANSYS Fatigue module
FEModeler Mesh Morpher 
Rigid Body Dynamic
Remote solver manager
Built-in parallel processing support for up to 4 cores - includes shared memory and distributed ANSYS parallel computing for four cores; 
applicable to structural, thermal, electromagnetic, fluid dynamics (ANSYS CFX and  ANSYS Fluent) and explicit dynamics solvers.
General-purpose GPU for ANSYS Mechanical solver
VT for solvers
ANSYS EKM Individual - comprehensive solution for simulation-based process and data management challenges
Numeriacal problem Size limits:
    256K nodes/element Structural, Thermal & AUTODYN
    512K nodes/elements -Low Frequency Electromagnetics
    1024k nodes/elements -High Frequencey  (Full Wave) Electromagnetics
    512l nodes/elements -Fluid Dynamics (CFX & FLUENT)

Version: 18, and 19(License valid for previous versions)


This software is licensed by a license manager. Please review your order during installation to find the correct server connection information.

You may register two computers per license purchase.

Operating System Support.

Please review the academic terms of use for details. Please note that the 50 mile radius is not applicable to our licenses.

ANSYS Academic product license terms of use are aligned with academic use.
ANSYS Academic product licenses may not be used for any commercial activity, such as: 

    Commercial production design, design validation or design assessment work.
    Commercial manufacturing engineering work
    Commercial research.
    Consulting work performed by academic students, faculty or academic account staff
    Training of commercial company employees.

Additional Information

Computer registration is required, you may register up to two computers per license purchase, however, you will only be able to use one computer at a time. Please complete this form and submit it to begin the registration process. We will respond when the license manager has been configured for your license.

Due to firewall restrictions, particularly on off-campus and wireless connections, you will need to connect to your campus VPN service before installing and to use this software.

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