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New Hire IT Orientation Training 3/13/2018

Eligibility: Adobe Campus Agreement UA Subscribers, Microsoft Campus Agreement-UIF, UIUC Employee type - G, UIUC Extra Help and UIUC Faculty and Staff.
New Hire IT Orientation Training 3/13/2018
Select New Hire IT Orientation Training 3/13/2018

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This program provides employees at the University of Illinois an overview of software applications and IT practices that are critical to success within the campus environment.  All sessions are led by experienced trainers with handouts available.   Attendees can register for one, two, or more of the monthly scheduled sessions.  All sessions will be held in Suite 26 Illini Hall (lower level), 725 S. Wright St., Champaign (corner of John & Wright Streets).  

These sessions are offered at no cost to faculty/staff of the University of Illinois.  New and long time employees are invited to attend.

Additional Information

Introduction to Campus Computing

This 30 minute overview provides handouts for a beginning computer user to help them learn the basics.  The handout includes information on starting and logging onto a computer, navigating in Windows, and using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen for input.  File management basics are also included for efficient file storage and retrieval, along with an overview of cloud computing. We will wrap up the session by exploring the internet, looking at different browsers and taking a tour of some helpful University web sites.

Prerequisite: none
Length: 30 minutes


Email / Calendaring

In this two-hour workshop for beginners, we will explore the Microsoft Outlook 2016 interface.  We will learn how to compose, send, and receive email messages; how to save a draft message; print; and how to reply to and forward a message.  Signatures, Out of Office Assistant, and Outlook Web App will also be covered in the email portion of the workshop. Calendar topics will include scheduling and editing an appointment; scheduling a one-time and a recurring meeting; and how to respond to meeting invitations in email.

Prerequisite: none
Length: 2 hours


Online Learning with

This brief 15-minute overview will explore the Online Learning program offered at no cost to all faculty/staff/students on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.  Topics will include how to access from a browser; how to log in; and how to search for training.  We will learn how to work with practice files that are provided and also how to manage your playlists. Finally we will learn how to save your place to finish later.

Prerequisite: familiarity with browsers, UIUC faculty/staff/student with established netid.
Length: 15 minutes


Campus Communication using Microsoft Skype for Business

Microsoft's Skype for Business provides a single interface on your computer uniting voice communications, instant messaging, and audio/video conferencing. In this 2-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn how to start and sign on, navigate the interface, learn about availability status, add contacts to a contact list, and find help resources. Hands-on practice is next where you will learn how to use voice and video features, adjust audio settings, make and receive a phone call, a conference call, and a video call.  You will practice managing calls (call holds, transfers, forwarding, missed calls and voicemail).  You will learn how to use the instant message feature, how to share your desktop or program window and share files using Skype for Business.  

Prerequisite: Familiarity with Windows and the mouse, along with an activated Lync account 
Length:  2 hours


Computer Security

This 30 minute presentation provides an overview on computer security basics. Topics will include setting and use of passwords; virus protection; VPN; identity theft; malware; and campus security policies.  Working with sensitive data and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) policies will conclude the session.

Prerequisite: none
Length: 30 minutes


Data Storage (Box)

In this 30 minute overview we will explore Box which provides unlimited secure file storage (including FERPA data).  Box also supports secure file sharing within or outside of the U of I network, as well as mobile file access.  Students will be guided through the creation of their UIUC Box account.

Prerequisite: none
Length: 30 minutes





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