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Zoom Pro Video Communication License (Expires 06/30/20)

Zoom Pro Video Communication License (Expires 06/30/20)

Zoom Video Communications Inc
Eligibility: UIC Faculty, UIC Staff, UIS Faculty, UIS Staff, UIUC Faculty and Staff and UIUC Students.
Zoom Pro Video Communication License (Expires 06/30/20)

You may purchase this offer to add Zoom Pro functionality to a Zoom basic account if your department is not part of the consortium.

These are add-on options for Zoom accounts to provide access for larger groups of people using ZOOM for a Meeting or Webinar.

Prices for these licenses are currently prorated to 3 months. You will see the prorated price when you add the item to your cart.

There is currently a 3 day lead-time required to obtain add-on licenses and you will see the functionality added to your account within 3 working days after your order is placed.

If you need to order any of these in quantities greater than a single license or you are interested in purchasing an item that is out of stock please email for assistance.

These licenses expire 6/30/2020 and must be renewed annually.

Total Price:$77.00 $19.25
Payment Type: Credit Card


The following colleges have paid for Zoom Pro functionality and if you are a student, faculty or staff of one of these colleges you should NOT purchase this offer: 

Home Department Code COLLEGE
KV Liberal Arts & Sciences  
KP Engineering  
KM College of Business  
KL Agr, Consumer, & Env Sciences  
KY Applied Health Sciences  
KN Education  
LC Veterinary Medicine  
LP School of Information Sciences  
NN Facilities  
LL School of Social Work  
LN Center Innov in Teach Learn  
LR University Library  
NB Provost & VC Acad Affairs  
LG School of Labor & Empl. Rel.  
NT Chief Information Officer  
KS Graduate College  
LM Provost Academic Programs  
9 - University Administration
KT College of Media
NV Diversity, Equity & inclusion


Complete College coverage can be purchased at a cost of $2.45 per student and $7.35 per staff/faculty for ALL students, faculty and staff within the college.  Please email if you would like to purchase complete college coverage.

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