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ANSYS Academic Mechanical and Electromagnetic Research License & Download (Expires 6/30/2022)

ANSYS Academic Mechanical and Electromagnetic Research License & Download (Expires 6/30/2022)

Eligibility: UIC Faculty, UIC Staff, UIC Students, UIS Faculty, UIS Staff, UIS Students, UIUC Faculty and Staff and UIUC Students.
ANSYS Academic Mechanical and Electromagnetic Research License & Download (Expires 6/30/2022)
This is an annual subscription license that expires June 30, 2022.
Total Price:$440.00
Payment Type: Credit Card


The features included in this software are described in detail on the ANSYS Academic Product Features page.

ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical and CFD

ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical

ANSYS Academic Research CFD

ANSYS Academic Research POLYFLOW

ANSYS Academic Research Electronics Suite

ANSYS Academic Research HF

ANSYS Academic Research EM

ANSYS Academic Research RedHawk

ANSYS Academic Research PowerArtist

ANSYS Academic Research HPC

ANSYS Academic Research Electronics HPC


Downloads are included for Windows and Linux version 2021r2 and 2020r2.


This software is licensed by a license manager. Please review your order during installation to find the correct server connection information.


Please review the academic terms of use for details. Please note that the 50 mile radius is not applicable to our licenses.

ANSYS Academic product license terms of use are aligned with academic use.
ANSYS Academic product licenses may not be used for any commercial activity, such as: 

    Commercial production design, design validation or design assessment work.
    Commercial manufacturing engineering work
    Commercial research.
    Consulting work performed by academic students, faculty or academic account staff
    Training of commercial company employees.

Additional Information

Computer registration is required, you may register up to two computers per license purchase, however, 
you will only be able to use one computer at a time.
 Please complete this form and submit it to begin the
registration process. We will respond when the license manager has been configured for your license.
To retrieve important information, such as download links, configuration details, codes/serial numbers,
and installation instructions, login to our website, and click on Order History.

Find this offer on your list and click on the blue order number to open the order page.
Be sure to scroll down below in download links to view information located in the yellow section.

You can also go right to the order by clicking on the Order Details link in the
upper right of your WebStore email receipt if you have that handy.

Due to firewall restrictions, particularly on off-campus and wireless connections,
you will need to connect to your campus VPN service before installing and to use this software.

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