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JMP Genomics from SAS Teaching and Research License ESD (Expires 12/31/2022)

JMP Genomics from SAS Teaching and Research License ESD (Expires 12/31/2022)

$500.00  $375.00
SAS Institute Inc.
Eligibility: UIC Faculty, UIC Staff, UIC Students, UIUC Faculty and Staff and UIUC Students.
JMP Genomics from SAS Teaching and Research License ESD (Expires 12/31/2022)
This is an annual subscription license that expires Dec. 21, 2022. You must buy a license for each computer you install the software on.
Total Price:$500.00 $375.00
Payment Type: Credit Card


 JMP® Genomics A unique pedigree: visual discovery and analytics

Whether you’re working with large data sets from next-gen sequencing studies or microarrays, JMP Genomics provides the tools you need to analyze rare and common variants, detect differential expression patterns, discover reliable biomarker profiles, and incorporate pathway information into your analysis workflows. In addition, the software lets you create and manipulate genetic linkage maps, and then utilize these maps in downstream QTL mapping for important agronomic crops.

The unique pedigree of JMP Genomics combines dynamically interactive JMP graphics and robust SAS® Analytics, so you can see and explore your data from every angle, understand it and share analysis results with colleagues. JMP Genomics automatically organizes results into tabbed reports and lets you customize your view of analysis options. With capabilities for integration with R, Excel and other tools, JMP Genomics becomes your analytic hub

Explore the core capabilities of JMP Genomics

This offer contains JMP Genomics 13.2, 15.1 and Base SAS 9.4.


JMP grants the licensee the right to run this product on a home, work, or portable computer as long as the licensee maintains
current status as a student, staff, or faculty member of the University of Illinois. A license is required for each computer.

This subscription expires on 03/14/2023 and should be renewed at that time. Maintenance is included and you are entitled to upgrade
to any new versions released prior to expiration. You are entitled to all upgrades free of charge for the term of the license.

Please review the Online Documentation.

Please review the System Requirements for hardware requirement information.

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