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20110615SPSS Statistics License & Download (Expires 07/01/2011)

IBM, Inc.
Eligibility: UIUC Faculty and Staff.
20110615SPSS Statistics License & Download (Expires 07/01/2011) - UIUC ONLY
This is an annual subscription license that expires July 1, 2011.
Select SPSS Statistics Media Delivery Method - Optional
Total Price:$25.00
Payment Type: Banner C-FOAPAL Account


Your purchase includes:



The primary user may install this on a second computer but only one computer can be running the software at any given time.

This software expires on July 1, 2011. Upgrades and updates released prior to expiration are provided free of charge. You can verify when the product expires by going to a Syntax window (Use File->New->Syntax). Enter SHOW LICENSE. (make sure there is a period after SHOW LICENSE) and select Run->All. An output box will be displayed with the expiration date of July 1, 2011 and the maximum number of users. On July 1, 2010, if you have not renewed the software you will see on start up of SPSS the following:

Your license renewal date has passed. SPSS will stop working if a new license is not installed soon. If you don't want to see this message again, run expoff.bat in the SPSS directory.

The software will continue to function until July 31, 2011.

You are required to remove all copies of this software from your personal home machine when you leave the University of Illinois. If purchased with a Banner/CFOP account the software is the property of the University of Illinois.

Please review the System Requirements before purchasing.

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