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WebStore is a secure Web site with 24/7 availability, and most products can be downloaded immediately to your computer.

To shop:

  1. First, login.
  2. Choose the Purchase Type you intend to make: Unit Purchase or Personal Purchase. To select the Purchase Type, use the "Personal Purchases" and "Unit Purchases" buttons at the top of the page.
    • Unit Purchase software is for University-owned computers and requires a Banner Account Number for items that are not free. Software purchased with University funds is the property of the University of Illinois.
    • Personal Purchase software is for personally-owned computers and requires a valid credit card for items that are not free. Software purchased with a personal credit card is the property of the purchaser.
  3. Enter a specific product name in the Product Search box near the top of the page to search for a particular item.
    Note: When you add an item to you cart, the cart is then locked and will only accept items of the selected Purchase Type - Unit or Personal. Unit and Personal purchases cannot be made concurrently using the same shopping cart.

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