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ChemSketch for Windows License & Download - UIC ONLY

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.
Eligibility: UIC Staff, UIC Students and WebStore Administrators.
ChemSketch for Windows License & Download - UIC ONLY
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Payment Type: Credit Card


ChemSketch software allows you to do the following:

  • Quickly and easily draw molecules in a chemistry-oriented interface with customizable toolbars.
  • Make professional reports. Create and use templates. Work with structures, text, and graphics simultaneously and transfer to any OLE-supported software (Microsoft Office, for example).
  • Instantly calculate the chemical formula, molecular weight, and percentage composition. Predict several liquid properties such as density and refractive index.
  • Customize display properties, e.g., atom numbering, chemical symbols, and valence.
  • Draw reactions and schematic diagrams.
  • Search through the computer directories of your choice to find a structure or substructure. Structure can be either imbedded into the text as an OLE object, or saved within any of the ACD/Labs structure-enabled databases.

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