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SMART Notebook 10 - UIS ONLY

SMART Notebook 10 - UIS ONLY

SMART Technologies
Eligibility: UIS Faculty and UIS Students.
SMART Notebook 10 - UIS ONLY
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Payment Type: Credit Card


SMART Notebook software sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons within a single application. All your lesson materials are right at your fingertips.With a rich set of design and delivery features and a multitude of digital resources, SMART Notebook software connects you to a full ecosystem of content, tools and support to help you create high-impact lessons that bring learning to life.  A powerful and easy-to-use application, SMART Notebook software enables you to easily deliver interactive lessons that create more extraordinary learning moments for your students.


You are allowed to run this product on your University-owned machine, personal laptop and/or personal home machine. You may install one copy of the software on up to two computers for your personal use.

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