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Developing Spatial Thinking Labware - UIC Only

Developing Spatial Thinking Labware - UIC Only

Eligibility: UIC Faculty, UIC Staff, UIC Students and WebStore Administrators.
Developing Spatial Thinking Labware - UIC Only
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Developing Spatial Thinking Labware equips users with the 3-D visualization skills necessary for success in technical careers including engineering, architecture, medicine, computer database operation, chemistry, and more. This revolutionary software and its companion workbook (available separately) walk students through ten engaging, easy-to-use modules that provide first-hand experience in working with 3-D operations. Lessons include foundational 3-D topics such as isometric drawings, orthographic projections, reflections and symmetry, surfaces and solids of revolution, and combining solids. Whether integrated into courses that require extensive 3-D spatial visualization, or used as a remediation tool to help students who might be struggling with visualization, Developing Spatial Thingking Labware provides every student with a highly-interactive and long-lasting learning experience.


You are allowed to use this software as long as you maintain a status of faculty, staff or student at the University of Illinois - Chicago.

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