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VMware Academic Program VMAP UIUC Campus (Informational Offer)

VMware Academic Program VMAP UIUC Campus (Informational Offer)

VMware, Inc.
Eligibility: UIUC Faculty and Staff and UIUC Students.
VMware Academic Program VMAP UIUC Campus (Informational Offer)
Follow the link below to the University of Illinois Urbana Campus VMAP Store.
Total Price:Free
Informational Offer
Payment Type: Credit Card


The VMware Academic Program (VMAP) is a comprehensive program designed specifically for the academic community. The program enables qualifying academic institutions worldwide to gain easy access to cutting-edge virtualization technology and resources for an annual enrollment fee.


VMAP accelerates instruction and research in the rapidly expanding area of virtualized infrastructure by providing faculty and students with access to the virtualization technologies most widely used in commercial production environments.

Use of VMware software for instruction and research is governed by specific program guidelines and the conditions described within the VMware Academic and Research Program EULA (End-User License Agreement). The use of software for infrastructure purposes is governed by the VMware Commercial EULA.

Software included:

    VMware Workstation
    VMware Fusion
    VMware eLearning and VMware Sales Professional training materials
    VMware vCloud  Suite Standard

    VMware vSphere Enterprise
    VMware vCenter Server Standard
    VMware vCloud Director

We have no control over when new versions of the VMWare software is added to the VMAP ELMS store. It is typical for new versions to be delayed when released to the Education sector.

Click here to go to the University of Illinois UIUC VMAP store 

If you need Lab Installers for VMAP software please email your request to WebStore.


VMware grants to you a nonexclusive, term license to use the Software, and, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in a given Software product EULA, to make and use an unlimited number of copies of the Software, solely for the educational, instructional and non-commercial research purposes of your academic or research institution.


Any faculty, staff or student who ceases its association with your academic or research institution shall not be permitted to use the Software without first obtaining a valid retail or other commercial license for any such Software.

Additional Information

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