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Champaign County GIS Consortium Data

Champaign County GIS Consortium Data

Eligibility: UIUC Faculty and Staff and UIUC Students.
Champaign County GIS Consortium Data
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The Champaign County GIS Consortium (CCGISC) is a joint venture that was created via an Intergovernmental Agreement in 2002.  The University of Illinois is a member agency. GIS (geographic information system) data are widely used by a number of departments/offices throughout the UIUC campus.  This offer provides you with access to download the following data sets.

1. Champaign County IL Geodatabase March 2022

A file geodatabase (approximately 1 GB). A file geodatabase can be consumed by such programs as ArcGIS Desktop.The geodatabase will contain vector data related to the county – items such as property boundaries, annexations, municipal boundaries, street centerlines, etc.

This file will need to be periodically updated as the data is constantly changing.

2. 2014 ortho-image mosaic Champaign County IL

A compressed 2014 ortho-image mosaic of the County (approximately 6.8 GB)

3. 2020 ortho-image mosaic Champaign County IL

A compressed 2020 ortho-image 4-band mosaic of the County in JP2 format at a compression of 40:1 (approximately 12.5 GB)

The mosaic is in the following projection: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Illinois_East_FIPS_1201_Feet

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