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Outlook 2016 People and Tasks (formerly Contacts)

Microsoft Corporation
Eligibility: UIUC Allied persons, UIUC Employee type - E, UIUC Employee type - G, UIUC Employee type - S, UIUC Extra Help and UIUC Faculty and Staff.
Outlook 2016 People and Tasks (formerly Contacts) Training
Select Outlook 2016 Workshop People and Tasks (formerly Contacts)
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Creating a contact in Outlook 2016 can save you time when sending an email message and using Skype for Business. Once you’ve entered a name as a contact, you can add business or personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. In this 2-hour short course you will learn how to work in the People window to add a new contact (manually and from a received email message); change contacts view; use color categories to organize your contacts; search for a contact; and print a contacts list. We will also look at contact groups (email distribution lists).


The Tasks features of Outlook 2016 help you create lists of task-related items. We will look at the different views in the Task window; we will add tasks (including recurring tasks); attach items to a task; assign and track a task.



Prerequisite: Completion of Outlook 2016 Email Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge.  A Microsoft Exchange account is required.
Course Length:  2 hours

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Illini Hall (725 S Wright St), Suite 26 (lower level) - Map it

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