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ChemOffice Professional Unit Use Consortium (Expires 10/26/2021)

ChemOffice Professional Unit Use Consortium (Expires 10/26/2021)

Eligibility: UIC Faculty, UIC Staff, UIC Students, UIS Faculty, UIS Staff, UIS Students, UIUC Employee type - G, UIUC Faculty and Staff, UIUC Students and WebStore Administrators in 1-KV-948, 2-FT-458, 2-FT-458000, 2-FX-295, 2-FX-295000, 2-FX-360, 2-FX-360000, 2-FX-440, 2-FX-440000, 2-FX-838, 2-FX-838000, 2-FX-838271, 2-FX-967000, Academic Affairs_College of Pharmacy, Administration_Pharmacy, Ambulatory Pharmacy Services, Biopharmaceutical Sciences_Department of, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry_Department of, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy_Department of, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology_Center for, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomic Research_Center for, Pharmacy Administration_Department of, Pharmacy Advancement, Pharmacy Practice_Department of, Pharmacy Systems_Outcomes and Policy, Pharmacy Systems_Outcomes and Policy_Department of, Pharmacy_Hospital, Pharmacy_Office of the Dean, Pharmacy_Office of the Dean_College of, Pharmacy-Urban Health Program, Rockford Regional Pharmacy Program, School of Chemical Sciences, Student Affairs_College of Pharmacy, Tuberculosis Research_Institute for or UIUC Fellowships.
ChemOffice Professional Unit Use Consortium (Expires 10/26/2021)
ChemOffice Consortium members have paid $4,000 to cover all staff/faculty in their department. This license is an annual subscription license, that expires 10/26/2021.
Total Price:Free
Payment Type: Credit Card


ChemOffice Consortium members have paid $4,000 to cover all staff/faculty in their department and here is a listing of current Consortium members:
  • UIUC / Chemistry / 1-KV-413
  • UIUC / School of Chemical Sciences / 1-KV-510
  • UIUC / Chemical & BioMolecular Engineering / 1-KV-687
  • UIC / Department of Chemistry
  • UIC / College of Pharmacy
ChemOffice Professional is an integrated suite of scientifically intelligent productivity tools that enables researchers to capture, store,
retrieve and a share data and information on compounds, reactions, materials and their properties. Whether through the market-leading
ChemDraw desktop app or the new ChemDraw Cloud, ChemOffice Professional helps chemists and biologists keep track of their work,
understanding their results more deeply, and correlate biological activity with chemical structures.

ChemOffice Professional includes the following applications:

  • ChemDraw Professional is used by more than a million scientists around the world to quickly and effectively draw molecules, reactions and biological entities and pathways for use in documents and electronic lab notebooks. What’s more, you can now search databases like SciFinder directly in ChemDraw Professional to generate accurate names from structures and predict properties and spectra.
  • ChemDraw Cloud brings your favorite structure drawing (plus easy access to your ChemDraw files) to any web browser. You can also collaborate with colleagues, no matter where they are.
  • Signals Notebook lets you document, store, retrieve and share your experimental records in a modern, web based Scientific collaboration platform. Signals Notebook for ChemDraw is the collaborative scientific platform of the future.
  • Mnova ChemDraw Edition Load, process and analyze 1D NMR and LC/GC/MS data directly on your desktop with data coming from all NMR and many MS vendors.
  • ChemDraw for Excel adds chemical intelligence to Excel spreadsheets, equipping chemists with Excel’s analysis, sorting and organization tools with ChemDraw’s structural drawing tools. Combining Excel with the power of ChemDraw enables scientists to further manipulate and enrich sets of compounds and data and explore structure-activity relationships.
  • Chem3D is the easiest, most powerful way for chemists to view their compounds in three dimensions. Chem3D’s visualization tools makes it easy to assess shape and properties to maximize activity or specificity. Chem3D also includes GAMESS and interfaces to other computational tools including Gaussian, MOPAC, Conflex and Autodock.
  • ChemFinder Ultra makes organizing a personal compound database a snap. With the ability to search for and correlate structures with properties and to transform data into easy to understand visualizations, ChemFinder accelerates the process of profiling ideal compounds and makes it easy to discern structure-activity relationships.
  • ChemFinder for Office pairs your structures with your documents. Simply let ChemFinder for Office scan files and directories for chemical structures and search documents by structure to locate compounds of interest.
  • ChemScript is a scripting language that exposes the underlying chemical structure processing power of ChemOffice to developers who want to manipulate structures and automate processes.

ChemOffice Professional’s tightly integrated suite enhances the individual value of each tool enhancing scientists' personal productivity,
streamlines the collaborative efforts across cross-functional R&D team efforts, and accelerates the pace of research discoveries.


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