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Lucid Suite Premium Education Plan for Faculty and Staff (Expires 12/31/2024)

Lucid Suite Premium Education Plan for Faculty and Staff (Expires 12/31/2024)

$140.00  $105.00
Eligibility: UIC Faculty, UIC Staff, UIS Faculty, UIS Staff, UIUC Allied persons, UIUC Employee type - G, UIUC Extra Help, UIUC Faculty and Staff, UIUC iei and UIUC Special.
Lucid Suite Premium Education Plan for Faculty and Staff (Expires 12/31/2024)

This offer provides access to Lucid Chart Premium until 12/31/2024. 

What license or activation method is used?

This software license is assinged to your Univerity email addressd and activated via the campus Single Sign On service.

Total Price:$140.00 $105.00
Payment Type: Credit Card


The Lucid Suite Premium Education Plan includes the following enterprise features:



  • Full versions of both Lucidchart (diagramming) and Lucidspark (whiteboarding)
  • Unlimited documents, shapes, and templates
  • Enhanced collaboration features such as guest collaborators, JoinID, facilitator tools, and voting
  • Extensive two-way sync with popular project management tools, including Jira, Trello, Asana, and more
  • Data linking (link Google Sheet, Excel, or CSV Data to Lucidchart Diagrams-see live updates from your data when you work with Google Sheets)
  • Advanced security and privacy 



Lucidchart is a web-based intelligent diagramming application that simplifies the creation and sharing of flowchart diagrams. This web-based platform is not only user-friendly but also an ideal alternative for Mac users who may not have access to Visio. Whether you need to design intricate diagrams, schematics, or project workflows, Lucidchart empowers you to do so effortlessly, enhancing your ability to visualize and communicate complex concepts with clarity.


In addition to Lucidchart, we're excited to offer Lucidspark, a collaborative online whiteboard tool. With Lucidspark, faculty, students, and staff can engage in real-time brainstorming sessions, interactive presentations, and dynamic idea sharing. It's the perfect solution for sparking creativity, fostering collaboration, and visualizing concepts in a shared digital space. Whether you're in a virtual meeting, a classroom, or working on a research project, Lucidspark transforms the way you collaborate and innovate.


This is a named user subscription license and is the property of the University of Illinois. 
A license is required for each user who will use the software.
Student employees cannot be licensed with this version of the software.

Additional Information

This product must be assigned to the end-user NetID.

1. Please browse to Choose yor campus and then sign in with your University netID and password. This will create your Lucid account and provde basic access.

2. Next complete and submit this form to have your account elevated to Premium access. We will reply when the Premium license has been assigned.

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login to our website, and click on Order History.

Find this offer on your list and click on the blue order number to open the order page.
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You can also go right to the order by clicking on the Order Details link in the upper right of your
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